Wells Fire Department

Wells, VT


It’s that time of year again… Our annual Bake-less Bake Sale.
For those of you not familiar with our sale, please let us explain.

1 - Think about what you would like to bake.

2 - Think about what those ingredients would cost to buy and the cost to go get them.

3 - Now for the big one… How much of your precious time would it take?

4 - Now take the amount that you are thinking of and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

5 - Sit down, relax and make out a donation check to:
      Wells Fire Department
      PO Box 157
      Wells, VT 05774-0157

The Wells Vol. Fire Department greatly appreciates your time and support for our annual Bake-less Bake Sale. Your continued support helps us to keep protecting the people and properties for the Town of Wells.
** Why should I become a volunteer? **